Cube Fun!

Looking for a gift for a friend, your parents or a relative?

Something personal, really new and nobody has seen before?

Our cubes are fascinating photo displays anywhere you can think of:

– on your living room shelf or on the kitchen table showing family photographs

– at work on your office desk or in the meeting room, displaying products, logos, on the reception desk of a hotel or company.





There are hundreds of places and settings you could think of, where our image cubes can breathe life and inspiration into a space:

They can add to the atmosphere of a room, bring a little sparkle into a corner, create a focal point with their magically switching and blending images, giving your perception a little twist. The above examples are only a tiny section out of a myriad of possibilities to create your own cube display.

Our cubes are DIY wizards and a fun activity for people of all ages: browse your family photos for your favourite shots and print them out on your home printer. Then use the stencil that comes with the cube to mark the sizes out, cut the formats with a pair of scissors and fit them into the image slots of the cube:

You can create your own family album inside a rotating cube and exhibit it in your lounge, on a ledge or a window sill, on the kitchen table or in the bedroom. You can update it anytime with new photos, drawings, poems – and if you start experimenting with the visual effects of the switching images by combining for example monochrome panels with photographs, simple patterns with text, transparent sheets with line drawings or even starting a story line of pictures – then you will feel the pull of creativity!

Enjoy watching your pictures flick and blend as the cube slowly rotates on its turntable – and then watch your intrigued guests getting glued to the cube, hardly believing their eyes!