A creative fun session for kids (and adults!)


Cut 8 pieces of paper with the stencil included in the package and create your own mini cinema!

start with just colours and a few simple lines on each paper format, open the top of the cube and insert them into the image slots. Now you’ll find out what the cube does: watch the colours blend and switch, your lines appear and disappear as you turn the cube or place it on its turntable. Next, draw some faces, a smile and a frown,  a cat, a horse and a dog and watch them turn into one another. There’s no end to what you can create with the FunCube – and when you’re finished, place it on the shelf in the living room and wait for your parents to discover your exhibition!

Have a look at this truly gigantic FunCube you can see in front of a new Kindergarten in Munich, Germany: The MaxCube

We hire our FunCubes out for birthday parties, creative group activities, childcare at weddings or corporate events.

Each cube comes in a velvet bag with its battery powered turntable and a set of pre-cut cardboard formats in various colours and a number of transparent sheets that the kids can use for their experiments. Best suited for the activity are black felt markers to create line drawings.



€ 29.-/ £ 24 per cube per event

This includes the battery powered turntable and a set of pre-cut experimental cardboard and transparent sheets, delivery to your venue and collection.

We require a refundable  deposit of € 29.-/ £ 24 per cube set.


FunCube in a black velvet bag including a stencil for marking the photo formats out: € 198.- / £ 172 incl. VAT

Optional: a battery/ USB powered turn table with cable and USB mains adapter: € 39.- / £ 34 incl. VAT

To order your FunCube please get in touch and drop us an email: or call either

+44 7767 836553 (UK) or

+49 171 385 0022 (D)

We are based in Brighton, UK and Munich Germany

Our FunCubes are each hand crafted, available stock is limited and we assemble cubes as orderes come in.

Have a look at some more examples what you can create with our cubes: