We create a fascinating set of image cubes for your wedding:

A coherent story in photographs, poems, wedding vows that your guests will love to watch, engaging everybody into the party through insights.

PixBliss is a chain of beads woven through your venue that gets also those people on board who might not know your family well.

In order to make the best cube stories with your images we will:

1. ask you to look through your photo library and choose the best images you would like to present:

Photographs of you and your romance, family photographs, your wedding vows, favourite poems, maybe images of your wedding rings, a greeting or a motto for your great day, or even the wedding menu or the seating plan.

2. ask you to upload the images onto our Dropbox, from where we will edit them and design a compelling story for each the 16 panels of each cube.

3. We will show you our design and once you like it we will print the images out onto Backlit Film for the PixCube and photo paper for the little LoveCubes, insert them into the cubes and deliver the whole  set to your venue on the day of your wedding.




A few basics:

The big floor standing Love Beacon is 1.72 m tall, the cube itself measures 42 cm by 42 cm, it is made of solid Perspex and sits at eye hight on a wooden plinth. Hidden inside the plinth is a battery powered interior LED lighting system that illuminates the Perspex cube from within for up to 5 days: the Love Beacon is completely independent display feature, there are no cables to be seen anywhere. For weddings we dress it in a white lycra sleeve and adorn it with flowers. We can also decorate it according to your wedding style.

We deliver the Love Beacon in a set of flight cases and set it up in your venue, it doesn’t take longer than 15 mins.

The small LoveCubes measure 14 x 14 cm, they are made of solid Perspex and aluminium. They sit on battery powered turn tables and invite people sitting at the table to stop them, play or turn them back for a close up view of your images

PixBliss is a wonderful way to give your guests insights into who you are, your family and loved ones

and include everyone in the party!

Price list:

+ with every order above £ 1500 we will give you a Love Cube as a personal gift with a set your wedding  photos +

We are based in Brighton and cover the South East of England

Send us an email to info@pixbliss.com or or complete this form.

PixBliss is a product of iMarvel LTD
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