The FanCube


Looking for a lovely birthday or Christmas present for your son or daughter?

Fancy being part of your favourite sports team?

With your protrait right between all your heroes?


Create your own FanCube and place yourself within your team, between all your favourite football players, next to the goalie or the skipper:

Just print photos of your team on your home printer, use the stencil that comes with the FanCube and mark the section out that you would like to show. Use a pair of scissors to cut the formats out and insert the pics into your cube to make your own display!


A wonderful fun activity for the whole family!



The FanCube is a wonderful photo display on your living room shelf or in your child’s bedroom:

a stunning eye catcher your visitors will love!


FunCube in a black velvet bag with a stencil for marking the photo formats out:                   € 198.- / £ 170 incl VAT

Optional: a mall battery/ USB powered turn table with cable and mains adapter:                   €  39.- /  £ 39   incl VAT

to order your FunCube please get in touch and drop us an email: or call either

+44 7767 836553 (UK) or

+49 171 385 0022 (D)

We are based in Brighton, UK and Munich Germany

Our FunCubes are each hand crafted, available stock is limited and we assemble cubes as orderes come in.

We send the cubes through the post in a parcel, but if you want your’s in time for Christmas please let us know as soon as possible.