our largest version: the MaxCube

Commissioned as a public art light sculpture it was specifically built for a new Kindergarten in Munich, Germany. In size exactly one cubic meter and following the same principle of switching and blending images, this light cube is designed to be filled with children’s drawings. A fascinating public showcase of the kids’ art work. The idea is to give this house an identity with annually changing art work being exhibited inside the cube and a place for them to run around and point out their latest drawings inside a mesmerising light box. So the next step is a series of drawing workshops with the kids to finally create their show. The colour panels have a LED backlighting system that illuminates the inserted prints in a completely smooth and homogenous flow. The light comes on automatically as soon as a light sensor reacts to dawn or dusk, clouds or sun, making the MaxCube an exciting piece of public art.


The MaxCube can do even much more: just like the small and medium size cubes it can display corporate content and present your company at the entrance of your premises.

Logos, products, images and informations about what you do can be presented inside this stunning light Cube. What makes it even more exciting is that we can turn it into a digital presentation cube by using thin LDC screens to display your images. The holographic effect of our patented technology in combination with the possibility to update your presentation anytime and remotely makes this piece a stunning new solution for digital advertising.