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Looking for stunning centerpieces for your wedding?

Thinking about giving your day a magic vibe?

Want to get everyone on board and remember the bliss?

Beautiful memories. Magically displayed.

Hire our unique image cubes for your wedding

Choose the package you like and let us create the magic!


This stunning love beacon gives your wedding a focal point: a place where people meet, discover your story and get to know each other, fascinated with a world of blending and switching images, poems and photographs.



A fascinating, ever colour changing column. An intriguing highlight marking the gift table 


Our classic: beautiful centrepieces that display your family photos and vows in up to 16 blending images at every table.




A stunning video display for your wedding tables! choose your favourite videos and give your guests insights.

Our new table decorations give your wedding venue an extra glitter: as centre pieces on tables, mantle pieces or bar counters they display videos, photographs, poems, quotes, colours or drawings, weaving a personal thread into your party.

Connect your guests, let them discover your story and start conversations!

Your story. Our service.

Our PixCube is a wonderful meeting point for your guests, a landmark in the main hall of your venue, a stunning love beacon and eye catcher with mesmerising image effects that gets everone talking.

People gather round the PixCube, start conversations about your images and realise that this magnificent light cube is one of a whole chain of glass cubes set up across the venue, full of photographs, texts, drawings, vows and poems.

With a small LoveCube or a MagiCube on each table and the big floor standing Pixcube as a centrepiece in the space you can even create a treasure hunt for your guests across your venue, spotting you, your family and friends: a wonderful icebreaker for your wedding.

Our MagiCubes are little chat wizards:

Imagine your guests marvelling at this stunning centrepiece with your video story or a timeline of your romance. See them start a chat, getting to now each other play with it! You will get everyone on board and enjoy the bliss!

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Mesmerising light cubes with magically switching images.

Image panels


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15 -16 February 2020!


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