The LoveCube


This is our classic! A wonderful centre piece for all wedding tables, a playful way to include all your guests through insights into your family and loved ones, sparking conversations and getting everyone on board. A photo display with a lovely holographic twist, slowly turning its rounds on a little turntable. Garnished with fresh flowers in a ring vase our cube makes a fabulous attraction anywhere in your venue, a bead in a sparkling chain of glass cubes spun across your wedding.    

You can create your own family album inside the cube and give your guests a wonderful opportunity to start a chat – or even a little treasure hunt across your venue: if you send us enough of your photographs we can design a variety of different cube stories:

You could focus in some cubes on the timeline of your romance, others would be more about your two families, another set would be friends and relatives and again others could display poems, drawings, wedding vows…

There are so many possibilities to create your personal cubes and that’s we are good at! Just send us your favourites and we’ll make sure you get a wonderful set of images cubes that people will love!

Place them in any corner of your venue – tables, mantelpieces, ledges and enjoy the sight of your guests flocking round your stories!

They will hardly believing their eyes!