A fascinating video table centrepiece


Fancy showing your guests how you live, scenes and snapshots from a lovely holiday as a video inside a glass cube!

Insights your guests will love to watch, getting to know you and your loved ones and the things that matter to you.

Your family, your brother and sister, mum and dad, all united inside a magic glass cube, slowly revolving on its turntable.

The most fascinating centrepiece anybody has seen – and not just that: take a close look and you’ll find out that there are two different videos on either side! Inexplicable and intriguing, a truly fascinating piece of art on your guests tables, beautifully adorned with beads and surrounded by fresh flowers arranged in a ring vase.

Your guests can hardly believe their eyes: they can stop the slowly revolving MagiCube and play with it, turn it back to take a closer look and show it to the person sitting opposite.

A playful way to entertain your guests at the highest level.

We hire our MagiCubes out for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and corporate events.

Each cube comes in a velvet bag with its battery powered turntable, a ring vase decorated with fresh flowers. You send us the videos you would like to display and we will edit and create the video sequences to put a story together that reflects your life, your family and all the things that mater to you. and show you our work. Once you have a approved our work and the display we have created, we will feed the videos into the cubes and deliver the whole set to your venue. There we will set the MagiCubes up on tables, mantle pieces, bar counters – wherever you would like to have them. The batteries inside last for the whole day and evening. After the event we will come and collect the cubes.



€ 59.-/ £ 51 per  MagiCube per event

This includes the battery powered turntable, flower decorations in a ring vase, delivery to your venue and collection.

We require a refundable  deposit of € 59.-/ £ 51 per MagiCube set.


MagiCube in a black velvet bag including two USB sticks € 498.- / £ 428 incl. VAT

Optional: a battery/ USB powered turn table with cable and USB mains adapter: € 39.- / £ 33 incl. VAT

To order your MagiCube please get in touch and drop us an email: or call either

+44 7767 836553 (UK) or

+49 171 385 0022 (D)

We are based in Brighton, UK and Munich Germany

Our MagiCubes are each hand crafted, available stock is limited and we assemble cubes as orders come in.