The Obelisk


How d’you highlight the gift table to your guests? Or any other important spot around your venue?

Here’s the idea:

Surrounded by a lovely bunch of fresh flowers the Obelisk is a beautiful column of colours, words, poems that mysteriously keeps shifting and switching as it slowly revolves on its turn table. You can display words or sentences along the 16 faces, photographs, vows or the date of your great day – a great way to weave a personal message into your party, rather than using the usual mainstream decorative stuff you see everywhere.

In combination with our PixiCubes and MagiCubes set up across your venus it makes an intriguing centrepiece on tables, ledges, mantlepieces. Let us know your rough ideas and we will create an inspiring picture story for the Obelisk with your favourite photographs, colours, names, dates.

A lovely eye catcher!